Paper Hanging

We like to think we know a thing or to about the art of wallpapering. For over 30 years we have been hanging various types of wall coverings. From the traditional like Anaglypta ceiling papers, Lincrusta dado papers through to modern day wide vinyl's and natural fiber wall coverings from the likes of Brian Yates, Muraspec, Vescom and Tektura etc.

We understand that no two papers are the same when it comes to hanging. Each paper comes with its own special instructions. But without the knowledge and experience of a qualified decorator to interpret those instructions and understand how to achieve the very best result is not something you can acquire from a label on a roll.

Wallpaper can be a big feature in any room and these days can come with an expensive price tag. Qdecor have that experience and knowledge to give you the reassurance of a quality finish time and time again.

We have access to all the latest wallpaper sample books and work with local suppliers to achieve the right look and feel for any room.

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